Globus connectors enable a uniform interface for accessing, moving, and sharing across a diverse set of storage systems.

Globus Connect Server turns your storage system into a Globus endpoint, and enables all users with local accounts on that system to access their data via Globus. Globus Connect Server supports all POSIX-compliant file systems, but the storage landscape increasingly includes cloud object stores, tape archives, and many other proprietary storage systems. Globus allows these diverse systems to be accessed in the same way, simply by installing the required connector.

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“Globus makes using Google Drive for research storage not only feasible but trivial. It’s a requirement for our researchers who regularly use Google Drive storage.”

Rice University
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"We transferred 40 TB to/from Spectra BlackPearl, with rates as high as 95 MB/sec."

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
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“We use Amazon S3 endpoints [in Globus] to move data for archival storage; once in S3, lifecycle rules move the data to Amazon Glacier."

Cornell University
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Supported Storage Systems

Note: These storage system connectors require a paid Globus subscription. Pricing for connector subscriptions varies, depending on the type of connector and other factors - please contact us.

What's New

Record-breaking transfer: Argonne team moves 2.9PB in a single transfer

New Box connector: Globus now supports data management to/from Box storage

New video: What you get with a Globus subscription

Caringo solution brief: Globus supports Caringo and other S3-compatible storage.

Google Drive case study: Learn how Rice uses Globus for Google Drive


Connect your storage system to Globus: Instructions for creating a Globus endpoint on standard (POSIX-compliant) filesystems.

Connect Google Drive to Globus: Instructions for configuring Google Drive to be accessible via Globus.