Globus connectors enable a uniform interface for accessing, moving, and sharing across a diverse set of storage systems.

Globus Connect Server turns your storage system into a Globus endpoint, and enables all users with local accounts on that system to access their data via Globus. Globus Connect Server supports all POSIX-compliant file systems, but the storage landscape increasingly includes cloud object stores, tape archives, and many other proprietary storage systems. Globus allows these diverse systems to be accessed in the same way, simply by installing the required connector.

“With Globus you get one interface across all your research storage systems—including campus clusters, XSEDE supercomputers, lab servers, scientific instruments, archival storage like Spectra BlackPearl or HPSS, other cloud storage like Amazon S3—and now Google Drive. Sysadmins love it, and we see how it makes researchers far more productive.

Vas Vasiliadis
Chief Customer Officer
University of Chicago, Globus

Supported Storage Systems

Note: These storage system connectors require a paid Globus subscription. Pricing for connector subscriptions varies, depending on the type of connector and other factors - please contact us.


Connect your storage system to Globus: Instructions for creating a Globus endpoint on standard (POSIX-compliant) filesystems.

Connect Google Drive to Globus: Instructions for configuring Google Drive to be accessible via Globus.