Globus Connect

Connect many different storage types to transfer and share data

Building a friction-free data management environment for researchers

  • Easily, reliably and securely share data across campus, across institutions, or across cloud computing clusters.
  • Deliver a seamless user experience using campus credentials or local cluster accounts to access Globus services across different storage types.
  • Globus Connect Personal and Globus Connect Server are free to install and use for users at non-profit research and education institutions. (Premium connectors do require a paid subscription.)

Globus Connect Versions

Globus Connect Personal

Globus Connect Personal allows you to use Globus on your personal computer or laptop.

Globus Connect Server

Globus Connect Server makes your campus storage accessible via Globus.

Connecting your storage with Globus Connect Server

Globus Connect Server supports all POSIX-compliant filesystems. All users with local accounts on that system can access their data via Globus.