Globus Connect enables your system to use the Globus file transfer and sharing service. It makes it simple to create a Globus endpoint on practically any system, from a personal laptop to a national supercomputer. Globus Connect is free to install and use for users at non-profit research and education institutions.

Globus Connect Versions

Globus Connect comes in two flavors: Globus Connect Personal is designed for use by a single user on a personal machine; Globus Connect Server is designed to be installed by a system administrator on multi-user computing and storage resources. Please select from one of the versions below—if you're not sure which one is right for you, start with Globus Connect Personal.


Researchers and other end users

Globus Connect Personal

Creates a Globus endpoint on your laptop or other personal computer and allows you to transfer and share files, even if you don't have administrative privileges on your machine. Globus Connect Personal is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Network and System Administrators

Globus Connect Server

Creates a Globus endpoint on multi-user systems such as a lab servers, campus research computing clusters, and other high-performance computing or storage resources. Globus Connect Server is available for all POSIX-compliant filesystems, and many object stores and tape archives.

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What's New

New Web App: Read the blog, watch a video or try it out yourself!

Protected Data Support: Use Globus to manage data requiring higher assurance levels (e.g. HIPAA data)

Q&A Webinar: Learn about managing protected data with Globus

Petrel User Story: Read about Argonne’s lab-wide data service

Globus Usage Brief Library: See examples of Globus in action -- or submit your own example

"I just used Globus Connect to transfer 28 GB from the trestles cluster with a single click in a web browser -- 20 minutes instead of 61 hours!"

Craig Mattocks
Oceanography Researcher, University of Miami

Connect Cloud and Other Storage Systems

Want to access your cloud storage, tape archives, or other specialized storage systems via Globus? Connectors are available for Amazon S3, Google Drive, and many others.


Additional information is available in our frequently asked questions; please contact if you run into any issues.