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Foster, I., "Globus Online: Accelerating and Democratizing Science through Cloud-Based Services," Internet Computing, IEEE , vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 70,73, May-June 2011

Allen, B., Bresnahan, J., Childers, L., Foster, I., Kandaswamy, G., Kettimuthu, R, Kordas, J., Link, M., Martin, S., Pickett, K., Tuecke, S., "Software as a service for data scientists," Communications of the ACM, vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 81,88, February 2012

Globus Team Papers

PDF icon Linking scientific instruments and computation: Patterns, technologies, and experiences

Rafael Vescovi, Ryan Chard, Nickolaus D. Saint, Ben Blaiszik, Jim Pruyne, Tekin Bicer, Alex Lavens, Zhengchun Liu, Michael E. Papka, Suresh Narayanan, Nicholas Schwarz, Kyle Chard, and Ian T. Foster

Patterns, Cell Press | 2022

Presents new methods for automating research processes and for connecting those processes to computing and data.

PDF icon Globus Auth: A Research Identity and Access Management Platform

Steven Tuecke, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Kyle Chard, Mattias Lidman, Brendan McCollam, Stephen Rosen, and Ian Foster

IEEE 12th International Conference on eScience | 2016

Describes the design and implementation of Globus Auth, and reports on experiences integrating it with a range of research resources and services, including the JetStream cloud, XSEDE, NCAR's Research Data Archive, and FaceBase.

PDF icon Research Process Automation Across the Space-Time Continuum

Ryan Chard, Jim Pruyne, Kurt McKee, Josh Bryan, Brigitte Raumann, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Kyle Chard, Ian Foster

Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago | 2023

Describes new services within the Globus platform which automate research processes

PDF icon Globus Nexus: A Platform-as-a-Service provider of research identity, profile, and group management

Kyle Chard, Mattias Lidman, Brendan McCollam, Josh Bryan, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Steven Tuecke, Ian Foster

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2016

Presents Globus Nexus, describe its capabilities and architecture, summarize how several e-Science applications leverage these capabilities, and present results that characterize its scalability, reliability, and availability.

PDF icon Globus: Recent Enhancements and Future Plans

Kyle Chard, Steven Tuecke, Ian Foster, Bryce Allen, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Joe Bester, Ben Blaiszik, Vytas Cuplinskas, Raj Kettimuthu, Jack Kordas, Lukasz Lacinski, Mattias Lidman, Mike Link, Stu Martin, Brendan McCollam, Karl Pickett, Dan Powers, Jim Pruyne, Brigitte Raumann, Gigi Rohder, Stephen Rosen, Dave Shifflett, Teresa Gugerty, Vas Vasiliadis, and Jason Williams

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2016

Describes recent enhancements to Globus including secure data sharing, publication services, secure HTTP data access, new storage system types, and Globus Auth. The authors also review adoption trends and presents future plans.

PDF icon The Discovery Cloud: Accelerating and Democratizing Research on a Global Scale

Ian Foster, Kyle Chard, Steven Tuecke

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2016 | Bibtex

Describes the proposal of the Discovery Cloud, an ecosystem of new, community-produced services to which small to medium laboratories (SMLs) can outsource common activities, from data management and analysis to collaboration and experiment automation.

PDF icon Globus Data Publication as a Service: Lowering Barriers to Reproducible Science

Kyle Chard, Jim Pruyne, Ben Blaiszik, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Steven Tuecke, Ian Foster

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2015 | Bibtex | RIS

Describes how the Globus research data management service supports publication of large datasets, with customizable policies for different institutions and researchers; the ability to publish data directly from both locally owned storage and cloud storage; extensible metadata that can be customized to describe specific attributes of different research domains; flexible publication and curation workflows that can be easily tailored to meet institutional requirements; and public and restricted collections that give complete control over who may access published data.

​​PDF icon Efficient and Secure Transfer, Synchronization, and Sharing of Big Data

Kyle Chard, Steven Tuecke, and Ian Foster

University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory | 2014

Describes how Globus supports standard data interfaces and common security models for securely accessing, transferring, synchronizing, and sharing large quantities of data.

PDF icon Globus Platform-as-a-Service for Collaborative Science Applications

Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Kyle Chard, Ian Foster, Steven Tuecke

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2014 | Bibtex | RIS

Discusses how Globus Platform-as-a-Service can streamline development of web applications and make it easy for individuals, teams, and institutions to create collaborative science applications such as science gateways. The authors describe Globus Nexus and Globus Transfer and detail how their identity, profile, group, transfer and sharing capabilities can be easily used by developers when creating collaborative applications.

​​PDF icon Globus Nexus: An identity, profile, and group management platform for science gateways and other collaborative science applications

Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Josh Bryan, Kyle Chard, Ian Foster, Tom Howe, Mattias Lidman, Steven Tuecke

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2013

Introduces the capabilities of the Globus Nexus platform and reviews representative applications.

PDF icon SaaS as a Path to Sustainable Software Delivery

Ian Foster, Vas Vasiliadis, Steven Tuecke

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2013 | Bibtex | RIS

Describes how the software-as-a-service (SaaS) paradigm has advantages as a sustainable delivery method for scientific software. The authors report on their experience developing and delivering the Globus Online research data management system, noting problems encountered and potential solutions.

PDF icon Campus Bridging Made Easy via Globus Services

Ian Foster, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Stuart Martin, Steve Tuecke, Daniel Milroy, Brock Palen, Thomas Hauser, Jazcek Braden

2012 | Bibtex | RIS

Describes the features of Globus that make it a valuable to researchers for moving or synchronizing data across institutional boundaries. The authors report on the experiences of the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado Boulder as early adopters of the service.

PDF icon Software as a Service for Data Scientists

Bryce Allen, John Bresnahan, Lisa Childers, Ian Foster, Gopi Kandaswamy, Raj Kettimuthu, Jack Kordas, Mike Link, Stuart Martin, Karl Pickett, Steven Tuecke

2012 | Bibtex | RIS

Describes why SaaS approaches are a promising solution to reducing the costs of research data life-cycle management. The authors use Globus as an exemplar of the potential of SaaS for research data management, and demonstrate how it simplifies data movement for researchers and research facilities alike.

PDF icon Globus Online: Accelerating and Democratizing Science through Cloud-Based Services

Ian Foster

Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2011 | Bibtex | RIS

This "View from the Cloud" paper motivates the use of cloud-based services to overcome the complexities inherent in increasingly data-intensive, computational, and collaborative scientific research.

PDF icon Globus Online: Radical Simplification of Data Movement via SaaS

Bryce Allen, John Bresnahan, Lisa Childers, Ian Foster, Gopi Kandaswamy, Raj Kettimuthu, Jack Kordas, Mike Link, Stuart Martin, Karl Pickett, Steven Tuecke

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & U. Chicago; Dept. of Computer Science, U. Chicago; Information Sciences Inst., U. Southern California | 2011 | Bibtex | RIS

Proposes the delivery of research data management capabilities via software-as-a-service (SaaS). The authors describe the motivation behind Globus Online and the initial implementation of the file transfer service.

PDF icon A Classification and Evaluation of Data Movement Technologies for the Delivery of Highly Voluminous Scientific Data Products

Chris A. Mattmann, Sean Kelly, Daniel J. Crichton, J. Steven Hughes, Paul M. Ramirez, Ron Joyner

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology | 2006 | Bibtex | RIS

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory compared various data movement technologies, concluding that parallel TCP technologies – like GridFTP, used by Globus Online – outperform alternatives in several key areas.

PDF icon Characterizing Throughput Bottlenecks for Secure GridFTP Transfers

Gayane Vardoyan, Steven Tuecke, Michael Link, Rajkumar Kettimuthu

Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago | 2013 | Bibtex | RIS

Discusses the impact of encryption and integrity checking on file transfers over GridFTP. The authors present an extensive experimental study on the performance implications of enabling integrity protection and encryption on the data channel.

Toolkit Papers

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Other Publications Referencing Globus

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Reproducible Big Data Science: A Case Study in Continuous FAIRness

Ravi K Madduri, Kyle Chard, Mike D'Arcy, Segun C Jung, Alexis Rodriguez, Dinanath Sulakhe, Eric W Deutsch, Cory Funk, Ben Heavner, Matthew Richards, Paul Shannon, Ivo Dinov, Gustavo Glusman, Nathan Price, John D Van Horn, Carl Kesselman, Arthur W Toga, Ian Foster | University of Chicago, University of Southern California, Institute for Systems Biology, University of Michigan | 2018

BASTet: Shareable and Reproducible Analysis and Visualization of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data via OpenMSI

Oliver Rübel, Benjamin P. Bowen | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | 2018

An Assessment of Data Transfer Performance for Large-Scale Climate Data Analysis and Recommendations for the Data Infrastructure for CMIP6

Eli Dart, Michael F. Wehner, Prabhat | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | 2017

A Platform for Computationally Advanced Collaborative AgroInformatics Data Discovery and Analysis

Andrew Gustafson, Jesse Erdmann, Michael Milligan, Getiria Onsongo, Philip Pardey, Tom Prather, Kevin Silverstein, James Wilgenbusch, Ying Zhang | Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota | 2017

ERMRest: A Collaborative Data Catalog with Fine Grain Access Control

Karl Czajkowski, Carl Kesselman, Robert Schuler | University of Southern California, Marina del Ray | 2017

Shared Research Group Storage Solution with Integrated Access Management

Daniel T. Dietz, Lev A. Gorenstein, Gregory S. Veldman, Kevin D. Colby | Purdue University | 2017

​​Web-based access, aggregation, and visualization of future climate projections with emphasis on agricultural assessments

Nelson B. Villoria, Joshua Elliott, Christoph Müller, Jaewoo Shin, Lan Zhao, Carol Song | Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University; University of Chicago and ANL Computation Institute Center for Robust Decision-making in Climate and Energy Policy (RDCEP); Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research; Department of Computer Science, Purdue University; Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Purdue University | 2017

BOSS-LDG: A Novel Computational Framework That Brings Together Blue Waters, Open Science Grid, Shifter and the LIGO Data Grid to Accelerate Gravitational Wave Discovery

E. A. Huerta, R. Haas, E. Fajardo, D. S. Katz, S. Anderson, P. Couvares, J. Willis, T. Bouvet, J. Enos, W. T. C. Kramer, H. W. Leong, D. Wheeler | NCSA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of California, San Diego; LIGO, California Institute of Technology | 2017

Genomic Research Data Generation, Analysis and Sharing – Challenges in the African Setting

N. Mulder, C. A. Adebamowo, S. N. Adebamowo, O. Adebayo, O. Adeleye, M. Alibi, S. Baichoo, A. Benkahla, F. M. Fadlelmola, H. Ghazal, K. Ghedira, A. Matimba, A. Moussa, Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, M. O. Owolabi, F. Radouani, C. N. Rotimi, D. J. Stein, O. Souiai | University of Cape Town, ZA; University of Maryland School of Medicine, US; University College Hospital, Ibadan, NG; Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, NG; Université Tunis El Manar, Institut Pasteur de Tunis, TN; University of Mauritius, MU; University of Khartoum, SD; University Mohamed Premier, MA; University of Zimbabwe, Harare, ZW; Abdelmalek Essaadi University, MA; Institut Pasteur du Maroc Casablanca Morocco, MA; National Institute of Health, US; MRC Unit on Risk and Resilience in Mental Disorders, ZA | 2017

Numerical and Implementation Issues in Food Quality Modeling for Human Diseases Prevention

A. Galletti, R. Montella, L. Marcellino, A. Riccio, D. Di Luccio, A. Brizius, I. Foster | Parthenope University of Naples “Parthenope”, Italy; University of Chicago, United States | 2017

Rapid aggregation of global gridded crop model outputs to facilitate cross-disciplinary analysis of climate change impacts in agriculture

Nelson B. Villoria, Joshua Elliott, Christoph Müller, Jaewoo Shin, Lan Zhao, Carol Song | Kansas State University, University of Chicago & ANL Computation Institute Center for Robust Decision-making in Climate and Energy Policy (RDCEP), Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Purdue University | 2016

Data storage and sharing for the long tail of science

Boyu Zhang, Line C. Pouchard, Preston M. Smith, Amandine Gasc, Bryan C. Pijanowski | Information Technology, Libraries, Forestry and Natural Resources - Purdue University | 2016

Active Data: A programming model to manage data life cycle across heterogeneous systems and infrastructures

Anthony Simon, Gilles Fedak, Matei Ripeanu | University of Lyon, University of British Columbia | 2015

Pilot-Data: An abstraction for distributed data

Andre Luckow , Mark Santcroos , Ashley Zebrowski , Shantenu Jha | Rutgers University, University of Amsterdam | 2015

Building Wrangler: A transformational data intensive resource for the open source community

Niall Gaffney, Christopher Jordan, Tommy Minyard, Dan Stanzione | Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas at Austin | 2014

On Replica Placement in a Social CDN for e-Science

Kai Kugler, Simon Caton, Kyle Chard, Daniel S. Katz | Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technololgy; Computation Institute, University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory | 2014

A HPC infrastructure for processing and visualizing neuro-anatomical images obtained by Confocal Light Sheet Microscopy

A. Bria, G. Iannello, P. Soda, H. Peng, G. Erbacci, G. Fiameni, G. Mariani, R. Mucci, M. Rorro, F. Pavone, L. Silvestri, P. Frasconi, R. Cortini | Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale, Cassino (FR), Italy; Integrated Research Center, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy; Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, WA, USA; Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes, Medical Institute, Ashburn, VA, USA ; SuperComputing Applications and Innovation Department Cineca - Interuniversity Consortium, Casalecchio di Reno (BO), Italy; European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS), University of Florence, Italy; Information Engineering Department, University of Florence, Italy | 2013

MPI-Based Asynchronous Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks on the Grid

Marius Joldos, Octavian Vinteler, Ioan Radu Peter, Ioan Lucian Muntean | Computer Science, Mathematics - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca | 2013

The Science DMZ: a network design pattern for data-intensive science

Eli Dart, Lauren Rotman, Brian Tierney, Mary Hester, Jason Zurawski | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Internet2 | 2013