Data Transfer With Globus

Globus provides a secure, unified interface to your research data. Use Globus to 'fire and forget' high-performance data transfers between systems within and across organizations

Data Transfer

Why Use Globus?

  • Globus is a fast, secure, and reliable way to move MB’s, TB’s and even PB’s of data.
  • The basic Globus Transfer service is free to use for non-profit organizations, and subscriptions are reasonably priced to enable access to premium features.


Transfer the data how you like - you choose

Globus lets you use a web browser or command line interface to submit transfer and synchronization requests, optionally choosing encryption. Globus takes it from there. Or even schedule the transfer or set up a flow to automate the data transfer.

Securely and reliably transfer your data

Your data is transferred directly between the source and destination systems while Globus tunes performance parameters, maintains security, monitors progress, and validates correctness. You can check the transfer status at any time via the Globus activity page and will receive email when the transfer completes!

Fire and forget the transfer - Globus will handle the rest

If a network or system involved in the transfer goes down, Globus automatically resumes the transfer when the component comes back online. If an issue requires action from you, such as an expired credential or exceeded disk quota, Globus resumes the transfer after you remedy the problem. If a transfer has not made progress after a period of time (usually 3 days), the transfer will expire and you will be notified.

Learn how to transfer files with Globus

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