Globus is a leading provider of research data management software application and platform services.

What does that mean?

We provide cloud-based services for reliably moving, sharing, publishing and discovering data -- with Globus, users get unified access to all their data via a single interface. Whether your files live on a supercomputer, lab cluster, tape archive, public cloud, or your own laptop, you can manage this data from anywhere, using your existing identities, via just a web browser.​

We also provide a platform for application integration and gateway development leveraging advanced identity management, single sign-on, and authorization capabilities.

What can I do with Globus?

  • Transfer files: From kilobytes to petabytes, with Globus you can efficiently, reliably, and securely move data between systems within your site or across an ocean
  • Share files with others: All you need is an email address to share data with colleagues -- Globus manages authentication and access
  • Publish data: Easily turn your data into a curated collection with metadata and identifiers, discoverable by others, under your full control and on storage of your choice
  • Develop applications and gateways: Our open REST APIs and Python SDK empower you to create an integrated ecosystem of research data services, applications, and workflows

Who uses Globus?

  • Researchers at hundreds of universities, national labs, government facilities, and other research institutions–plus a growing number of commercial companies–use Globus routinely as they work with data
  • Research computing managers and IT groups use Globus to make storage more accessible to researchers, and to monitor and report on storage system usage
  • Developers use Globus to automate data workflows and build custom web applications–such as science gateways and data portals–as well as mobile, desktop, and command line applications and services.

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Why should I care?

Globus removes the headaches and roadblocks around data management -- in short, Globus makes it much easier to work with data, while ensuring security and reliability. When researchers (and the IT teams who support them) can worry less about moving and sharing their data, authenticating new users or connecting new storage systems, they can focus more time and energy on research.

Globus is supported by an expert team with decades research data management experience, so users have first-rate support plus access to professional services for custom projects.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Anyone can use Globus free of charge for file transfer - just log in and start moving data. And with a low-cost subscription (kept affordable thanks to our committed community of subscribers), any organization can provide sharing, publication and development capabilities to their entire team. See all the options for getting started, whether you're a researcher, researcher computing staff, HPC admin or facility IT leader.

Get Started

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"We needed more than just big data transfer... Thanks to Globus sharing, it’s easy for us to get our researchers the data they need."

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University of Chicago
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