With a Globus subscription you get the comprehensive data management capabilities your researchers need—including file sharing, access to cloud storage, protected data management, advanced endpoint administration, and much more.


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Take research data management to the next level

With a Globus subscription, organizations with just a few users can have the same data management capabilities as the largest global facilities. 

Do more than move files

Just using Globus for transfer? You're missing out! With a subscription you can check all the boxes for data management—and ensure your researchers have the tools their peers and collaborators are already using.

What you get with a Globus subscription:

File sharing

  • Enable researchers to share data with collaborators without having to request new accounts—all you need is their email address—saving time and effort for both researchers and admins
  • Avoid duplication of data on cloud storage, saving money and improving security
  • Automatically optimize and monitor movement of shared data between collaborators' systems, e.g. using faster networks when available

Access to premium capabilities

  • Manage protected data including data regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Personally Identifiable Information and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) (get details)
  • ​Gain access to premium connectors for on-premises and cloud systems, expanding the storage ecosystem for researchers. With a subscription, users can seamlessly access Amazon S3, Box, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Quantum ActiveScale, Spectra Logic BlackPearl, and more (see complete list of premium connectors)
  • Get HTTPS support to make storage accessible via a web browser, so you can browse, preview and download files without requiring Globus Connect Personal—all with full enforcement of user-specified access control
  • And more—only subscribers get access to the special features and capabilities we release on a regular basis, based on customer demand (see the full list of subscription features and add-ons)

Endpoint management & reporting

  • Find and resolve issues faster, e.g. proactively investigate jobs for issues; locate source of user issues; use the Globus command line interface to set up notifications about certain types of issues
  • Gain visibility and insights into how your storage and data are being used—who is doing what with their data on your systems, e.g. see which local accounts are sharing what with whom
  • Get more control over research data usage, e.g .proactively suspend/resume/cancel transfers if needed, pause activity to do maintenance without disrupting the user experience, modify network use parameters, and much more
  • Optimize transfer performance by tweaking endpoint settings
  • Get real-time and historical accounting into storage system usage

Expert support

  • Move to the top of our support queue when you need help from our expert team
  • Resolve issues faster and make life easier for admins and researchers

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