Why Subscribe to Globus?

A Globus subscription provides researchers, system administrators and developers a comprehensive set of data management tools. Whether you are transferring data off instruments, collaborating with researchers around the globe, or building data portals and science gateways, Globus simplifies many data management tasks.

What you get with a Globus subscription

  • File Sharing: Enable researchers in your institution or in other institutions to share data and collaborate without having to request new accounts-all you need is their email address.
  • Administrative Oversight: Gain a comprehensive view into user activity on your managed endpoints and their shared endpoints. Suspend, resume and cancel file transfer requests, and troubleshoot problematic transfers if needed.
  • Usage Reports: View how researchers are using Globus on managed endpoints and their shared endpoints which enables institutions to use for internal allocation billing.
  • Data Automation Services: The Globus Flows service makes it possible to automate data management pipelines that include unattended file transfer and sharing, data description and indexing, and computation—with human-in-the-loop interaction as needed.
  • Access to premium capabilities: Manage protected data such as PII and HIPAA-regulated data, as well as CUI data, gain access to premium connectors, get HTTPS support, and much, much more.

Join the hundreds of organizations who trust Globus to manage their research data!