Fast, Reliable, Secure File Transfer

Move files between your laptop, lab server, research computing center, national supercomputing facility, or any other storage system, using just a browser.

File Sharing Made Simple

Easily share data with your collaborators, directly from your own storage. All they need is a free Globus account, and you control what files they can access.

Data Publication and Discovery

Globus makes it simple to describe, curate, and preserve data at desired levels of durability. And rich discovery functions make it possible to search, browse, and access large published data sets.

Globus Genomics

Scale genomics analysis with robust data management and elastic compute resources.

Globus Platform

Develop web application or science gateways using the Globus plaform-as-a-service.

Globus Toolkit

Develop grid and distributed infrastructure with the open-source software toolkit.