Globus Connect Server

Deliver advanced file transfer and sharing capabilities to researchers on your campus no matter where their data lives.

Note: Globus Connect Server is designed for multi-user systems, and will typically be installed by a system administrator. If you would like to use your personal laptop or desktop computer with Globus, please install Globus Connect Personal for your specific operating system.

Designed for Research Computing Providers

Tools to enable researchers to accelerate scientific discovery

If you manage or operate a lab server, campus HPC cluster, or research computing center, you can use Globus Connect Server to:

  • Easily create a Globus collection on just about any storage type
  • Securely and reliably move and share data
  • Monitor and control usage through the management console
  • Customize and optimize usage for your environment
  • Deliver a seamless user experience using campus credentials or local cluster accounts to access Globus services

Installing Globus Connect Server

Step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring and updating a basic Globus Connect Server installation.

Globus Connect Server Quickstart - Start here!

Configure data access on your endpoint

Use the new GCS command line tools to manage your installation

Need help? Contact our amazing support team at

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