Plug Google Cloud into your research storage ecosystem with the Globus for Google Cloud connector.

Globus for Google Cloud connector

Researchers can access their files in Google Cloud object storage via the same easy-to-use Globus interface they already use to manage data on other systems. All you need is your existing institutional credentials to move and share data from Google Cloud.

Why Globus for Google Cloud? 

  • Manage your research data with ease: With Globus for Google Cloud you can easily move and share files of any size (from GB to PB) between Google Cloud and other systems – e.g. HPC centers, local clusters, or your laptop.
  • Share data instantly: Simply click and share your Google Cloud files with collaborators using their existing institutional login or email – no need for them to request a Google Cloud account.
  • Streamline administration: Simplify user access to Google Cloud while ensuring control and visibility into how your users access and store their data.
  • Get more from your Google Cloud investment: By making data management and collaboration easier for your researchers, your organization derives greater value from Google Cloud

Key Features

  • Enjoy data movement without restrictions – Globus automatically deals with any limits imposed by Google Cloud services, so transfers can complete without user intervention
  • Easily move data from Google Cloud to other resources in your storage ecosystem
  • Easily configure Google Cloud for secure data sharing via industry-standard authentication/authorization, so users can work with protected data (e.g. HIPAA-regulated data and other PII)
  • Use and manage Google Cloud Storage with the single, intuitive interface your researchers already know
  • Connect Google Cloud Storage to your data portal, science gateway or other research application via our APIs for automation and integration

Get Started

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Using Google Drive for storage? We've got a connector for that too.

"The new integration with Globus enables researchers to easily move data between Google Cloud and institutional systems, allowing them to focus on their core work rather than worrying about data management."

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