Globus for Dropbox

Globus for Dropbox allows researchers to access data from Dropbox via Globus for efficient data movement.

With the Globus for Dropbox connector, researchers can easily move and share data stored in Dropbox using the same Globus interface they use to access other storage systems, enhancing collaboration and the ability to fulfill data management plan requirements.

Why Globus for Dropbox?

  • Install and configure in minutes
  • Share data efficiently for research collaborations
  • Create landing zones to automate ingest from any data source
  • Publish data for reference by journal articles or scientific publications

Key Features

  • share data using any email address - no need to create or look up user accounts
  • Efficient 3rd party transfer - move and share files from any internet connection
  • Single, intuitive interface - use and manage with the UI you already know
  • Streamlined install/config - get up and running in minutes