• Globus for Spectra Logic

    Globus and Spectra BlackPearl combine to deliver affordable hybrid storage for research institutions. Users can easily connect and share their research, and archive their data on multiple storage domains.

  • Globus for Quantum

    Globus for ActiveScale, a premium connector for the ActiveScale™ object storage system from Quantum, provides a high performance solution for research data storage that’s simple to deploy and easy to...

  • Globus for ceph

    Use Globus to transform your Ceph storage infrastructure by providing a unified interface for a storage service with object, block, and file interfaces from a single cluster built from commodity...


  • Spectra Logic

    Globus for Spectra Logic Connector

    Spectra Logic develops Attack Hardened™ data management and storage solutions for a multi-cloud world. Spectra helps organizations manage, protect and preserve their data, whether data is located on-premises, in a cloud, across multiple clouds, or in all locations at once.

  • Quantum

    Globus for Quantum Connector

    Quantum ActiveScale object storage provides Globus customers with seamless performance, capacity, and scaling. As new nodes are added, network and computing resources come online immediately to load balance data requests and system tasks. New storage is added to the capacity pool and write activity is optimally distributed across storage resources using Dynamic Data Placement.

  • Cloudian

    Globus for Cloudian (AWS S3-compatible connector)

    Cloudian HyperStore provides an on-premises S3 compatible object storage platform, and with the AWS S3 API implementation, supports any application developed for the AWS S3 public cloud in a local, private infrastructure. HyperStore enables deployment of a scalable local object platform that is standards-based with unlimited potential capacity.

User Stories

  • The University of Illinois' Nano-manufacturing Hub

    University of Illinois, NCSA

    The University of Illinois' Nano-manufacturing hub is working to implement a global, community-curated database of graphene growth recipes. They have created an application inside a HubZero instance which allows users to capture their recipes along with SEM images and spectrographic analysis of the sample, which is then submitted to MDF, the Materials Data Facility built on the Globus platform, where additional metadata is extracted and the dataset indexed with Globus Search.

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  • Globus Connect

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