Globus Expands Research IT Platform

Product enhancements include integration with additional cloud storage services and high-performance computing tools

DENVER, Colorado—November 12, 2023—Globus, the de facto standard platform for research IT, is pleased to announce the availability of multiple products and services for secure, reliable data management at scale. In recent months, Globus has introduced the following product capabilities:

– A connector for Dropbox, enabling institutions to access the cloud storage and collaboration service via the familiar Globus interface
– Support for IPv6, allowing Globus Connect Server to access Globus services without any protocol translators
– A JavaScript SDK, providing developers with powerful tools for integrating Globus services into their web applications.
– Integration with Open OnDemand, bringing secure, reliable file transfer to the widely deployed research computing service.
– Support for Storj storage, enabling access to the distributed cloud storage service via the Globus AWS S3-compatible connector.
– Authentication via GitHub, allowing developers to access Globus services using their GitHub identity.
– Multiple Globus Connect Server enhancements that streamline the installation and administration process, including fully automated installation.
– Numerous updates to Globus automation services (Flows and Timers), including web application support for deploying flows, further customization of the UI for starting flows, and enhancement for reproducibility of flow execution.

Globus enables thousands of users daily to overcome the challenges they face in navigating an increasingly complex research IT environment. The service helps scientists and scholars automate mundane—but necessary—tasks so they can focus on their research and accelerate discovery.

“Whether researchers need to securely and reliably share data, access remote storage and compute, do real-time data analysis, or simply meet new policy mandates, Globus offers a secure, reliable platform which eliminates many data management challenges,” says Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Executive Director and Head of Products for Globus.

Learn more at or visit the Globus booth #1653 at SC23 to see how the service can transform your research IT.

About Globus

Globus is a data management and compute platform used by leading non-profit and commercial research organizations, national laboratories, and government facilities worldwide. Operated by the University of Chicago, the Globus data management service enables secure, reliable file transfer, sharing, remote computation and automation throughout the research lifecycle. The Globus platform supports access to all types of storage systems and diverse computing resources, from lab servers and campus clusters to cloud and supercomputing environments. Globus connects more than 50,000 organizations in over 80 countries.

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