News Archive, March 2020

News Archive

March 2020

  • Hints On Data Storage And Transport From High Energy Physics

    March 02, 2020   |  Bio-IT World

    It may be surprising that with a PhD in biochemistry, Brigitte Raumann spends a lot of time these days considering data storage and transport in high energy physics and astronomy. But that also puts her in the perfect position to recognize some of the lessons from those disciplines that the life sciences can pick up. Bio-IT World sat down with Raumann to talk about the challenges she sees in data management in the life sciences and the solutions available.

  • BioTeam, NVIDIA, Globus, And More Offer Free Tools To Support Coronavirus Research

    March 20, 2020   |  Bio-IT World

    Groups across the Bio-IT World community are offering their services and tools for free to teams working on coronavirus diagnostics and treatments. Read the full article: