Globus Announces Support for Dropbox

Connector seamlessly integrates Dropbox with existing storage and provides a unified interface for data transfer, sharing and publication

DENVER, Colorado—November 13, 2023—Globus, the de facto standard platform for research IT, announced today the general availability of Globus for Dropbox. The new premium connector allows users to access Dropbox cloud storage, thereby enabling a unified interface for data transfer, sharing, task automation and publication across all of the organization’s storage systems.

Globus for Dropbox can be installed and configured in minutes, and subscribers can easily integrate Dropbox into their own workflows and applications using the REST APIs provided by the Globus platform. Globus users can now share their data on Dropbox with other Globus users, and easily migrate large datasets between Dropbox and other cloud-hosted or on-premises storage systems.

“With Globus for DropBox you can now seamlessly connect your data stored in Dropbox with all your other storage devices—from campus clusters and lab servers, to scientific instruments and archival storage”, said Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus executive director and head of products. “Globus manages the process with unsurpassed reliability, even for petascale transfers.”

Globus has over 480,000 registered users, and provides instant access to over 58,000 storage systems at institutions around the world, including over 80% of the largest research universities in the U.S. and those connected via the ACCESS project. Globus customers can add the connector to their subscription and easily enable access to powerful capabilities like file sharing, task automation, and monitoring of data movement activity on Dropbox storage. And, as a non-profit service, Globus subscriptions are affordably priced to encourage use by all researchers.

Drop by the Globus Booth #1653 at Supercomputing ‘23 in Denver Nov 12-17, 2023 or visit to learn more.

About Globus

Globus is a data management and compute platform used by leading non-profit and commercial research organizations, national laboratories, and government facilities worldwide. Operated by the University of Chicago, the Globus data management service enables secure, reliable file transfer, sharing, remote computation and automation throughout the research lifecycle. The Globus platform supports access to all types of storage systems and diverse computing resources, from lab servers and campus clusters to cloud and supercomputing environments. Globus connects more than 50,000 organizations in over 80 countries.

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