CloudyCluster and Globus demonstrate Cloudy HPC with Globus Data Management Capabilities

CloudyCluster works to meet growing cloud HPC needs by using Globus for file transfer and sharing

Austin, TexasNovember 18, 2015 — Today Omnibond and Globus announce the integration of Globus with CloudyCluster, adding functionality to enable spinning up a fully-functional Globus endpoint on demand for streamlined research data management.

The convenience and speed of HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using CloudyCluster is now combined with the “fire-and-forget” high-performance file transfer capabilities of the Globus service. Omnibond and Globus are working together to enable CloudyCluster to automatically create and configure Globus endpoints on demand. Users can spin up HPC clusters using the simple CloudyCluster interface and run resource-intensive computations in the AWS cloud, with a simple tool for uploading and sharing data. The integration makes CloudyCluster instances part of the growing Globus ecosystem, enabling data transfer to and from thousands of Globus endpoints at research computing centers and national supercomputing facilities.

"Combining CloudyCluster with Globus makes creating and running an HPC cluster in the cloud even simpler, since Globus answers the data transfer question with such an effective tool," said Boyd Wilson, Omnibond CEO.

"We are gratified to contribute to the shift toward accessible HPC in the cloud offered by CloudyCluster," said Vas Vasiliadis, Globus Chief Customer Officer. "Globus is the ideal tool to seamlessly transfer data for highly-scalable computation. The combined solution also enhances collaboration by allowing users to easily share results from their computations on CloudyCluster with other Globus users."

Combining CloudyCluster with Globus is a robust way to make cloud-based HPC an attractive option for those who need fast access to a cluster and the ability to share HPC results data. Learn more about the CloudyCluster-Globus solution at Supercomputing 2015, through November 19th, 2015. Visit Omnibond at booth #281, and visit Globus at booth #383. Follow Omnibond’s activity at the show on Twitter @omnibond via the hashtags #cloudycluster, #omnibond, #orangefs, #SC15, #HPCMatters and #HPCTransforms.


About Omnibond
Omnibond is a technology development company, experienced in merging synergies from the research, open source, and business communities. We currently are focused on software engineering and support for CloudyCluster: Self Service HPC in the Cloud, OrangeFS: High Performance Parallel Virtual File System, TrafficVision: video analytics for the transportation industry and NetIQ Identity/Access Management Drivers. For more information visit

About Globus
Globus is software-as-a-service for research data management, used by hundreds of research institutions and high-performance computing facilities worldwide. The service enables secure, reliable file transfer, sharing, and data publication for managing data throughout the research lifecycle. Globus is an initiative of the University of Chicago, and is supported in part by funding from the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Sloan Foundation. Visit