Supporting Scientific Research: Reflections from Participating in the FDA's Scientific Computing Days Event

October 03, 2019

For the last seven years the Scientific Computing Board (SCB) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gathered scientists and information technologists from the agency's seven centers to discuss accomplishments, foster collaboration, and set support priorities for their scientific research and regulatory work. 

This annual event provides a great opportunity to meet directly with scientists and information technologists and allows us to update on Internet2 services and projects. As an organization, we’ve always been able to provide the network bandwidth, community reach, identity management tools, and access to vast resources including science gateways, HPC, and cloud services. 

By folding in new, secure data transfer services from Globus (Globus High Assurance), Internet2 can bring new value to the healthcare ecosystem. This HIPAA-compliant data transfer service, piloting in a NSF-funded project led by UPMC and the University of Chicago to federate cancer registries, will enable the sharing of sensitive data for research and precision medicine.  

In addition to highlighting the collaborative effort supporting the FDA's work moving big data from instruments to systems, as well as between internal and external sites, the Internet2 FDA team unveiled an architecture to interface with the government's Trusted Internet Connection facilities.