American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting

October 18 – 22, 2014 (All Day)
  • San Diego, CA

The ASHG Annual Meeting is the largest human genetics meeting and exposition in the world. ASHG members and leading scientists from around the world are selected to present their research findings at invited, platform, and poster sessions. ASHG's Annual Meeting also features a trade show floor that offers attendees the opportunity to view state-of-the-art medical and laboratory equipment, products, services, and computer software designed to enhance human genetics research, teaching, and consultation.

Visit us in Booth 525 .

We will be demonstrating Globus Genomics, our software-as-a-service for NGS analysis. Globus Genomics is a flexible, cost-effective service used by researchers at dozens of non-profit research institutions to scale their work using the cloud.

For a limited time, we are happy to provide a free trial of the Globus Genomics platform to qualified researchers at non-profit institutions.</p>

We will also be showcasing new capabilities in Globus for describing, curating, and publishing big data sets. Globus data publication features are being used by librarians and digital curators to organize and make research data more broadly available. Stop by and learn how Globus can address all your research data management needs without complex hardware and software.

Presentations and Posters

The Globus team is participating in a number of presentations and poster sessions, as described below. Please stop by—we'd love to discuss our research with you.

  • A profile of inherited predisposition to breast cancer among Nigerian women.
    Author(s): Y. Zheng, T. Walsh, F. Yoshimatsu, M. Lee, S. Gulsuner, S. Casadei, A. Rodriguez, T. Ogundiran, C. Babalola, O. Ojengbede, D. Sighoko, R. Madduri, M.-C. King, O. Olopade
    Presented in Concurrent Platform Session E, Tuesday October 19, 5:00PM-5:15PM
    Location: Room 6AB, Upper Level, Convention Center
  • The role of the genomic architecture of transposable elements in the formation of copy number variants: evidence from one schizophrenia family.
    Authors: G. Guffanti, S. Gaudi, P. DeCrescenzo, H. Mangalam, A. Rodriguez, R. Madduri, C. Pato, F. Macciardi
    Sunday October 19, 4:00PM-5:00PM
    Poster Location: 601S
  • A case study for high throughput analysis of NGS data for translational research using Globus Genomics.
    Author(s): D. Sulakhe, A. Rodriguez, K. Bhuvaneshwar, Y. Gusev, R. Madduri, L. Lacinski, U. Dave, I. Foster, S. Madhavan
    Sunday October 19, 4:00PM-5:00PM
    Poster Location: 1413S
  • Assessing the hidden genome architecture of structural variants with Globus Genomics Galaxy pipelines.
    Author(s): A. Rodriguez, S. G. Potkin, R. Madduri, F. Macciardi, S. Gaudi, G. Guffanti
    Tuesday October 21, 2:00PM-3:00PM
    Poster Location: 1535T
  • Inherited and de novo Transposable Elements in schizophrenia.
    Author(s): F. Macciardi, G. Guffanti, P. DeCrescenzo, C. Pato, H. Mangalam, A. Rodriguez, R. Madduri, S. Gaudi
    Tuesday October 21, 3:00PM-4:00PM
    Poster Location: 1272T