Webinar: Integrating Globus into the GridChem Gateway

October 16, 2015 at 11:00 AM CDT
  • TBA

The XSEDE science gateways team is hosting a webinar by Stu Martin and Eric Blau on integrating Globus file transfer capabilities into the GridChem (aka SEAGrid) science gateway.

This presentation and demo will detail the design and implementation changes made to the GridChem gateway to integrate Globus transfer and sharing on SDSC's Comet compute resource. This new capability, available to all gateways, enables a gateway's users to transfer files between the gateway's community account on participating XSEDE compute resources and other Globus endpoints, like a user's laptop.

First, a Globus shared endpoint is created per GridChem user to set the root directory accessible to them. Globus ACLs can be set to further limit read and/or write access to this directory. Next, the GridChem desktop client was enhanced to call the Globus transfer (REST) API to seamlessly list files and perform transfers directly from the GridChem community account on Comet to the Gateway user's laptop.

A key use case is to eliminate the need for unnecessary (two-hop) file transfers involving the GridChem middleware file store. For example, a GridChem user's job output files are on Comet and the user needs them on their laptop (or other Globus endpoint). Eliminating this extra hop is especially important when transferring large files.

Stu and Eric will be looking for other gateways that would like hands on support to add similar functionality into their gateway.