Office Hours

December 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM CST
  • TBA


Join us for one of our upcoming office hours sessions. While there will be a brief discussion on the following topics, any and all questions are welcome.

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October 7, 3-4 CDT: Compliance

Are you interested in managing protected data such as CUI, PII or even PHI? Find out what options Globus has available, how the various options are implemented for different data classifications, and how we work with your security teams to complete risk assessments.


October 27, 3-4 CDT: Automation and the Globus CLI

Tired of pointing and clicking? For researchers and support teams, we'll show how to use the Globus command-line interface to automate data management tasks you do over and over again. See how quickly you can set up a lab to upload newly produced datasets to your campus's mass storage and set sharing permissions for the researchers who requested them.


December 8, 3-4 CST: Configuring Endpoints for Data Access

Setting up an endpoint? Get a quick orientation to how user access is configured. We'll review how local users at your campus or lab access your endpoint vs. how guest users from other organizations access it, and your options for configuring local and guest access policies.