The University of Chicago operates Globus as a not-for-profit service. Subscriptions enabled us to sustain service operations. Subscriptions are for organizations, not individuals. If you’re at a non-profit institution you can access Globus without a subscription.

subscription tier - starter


For data transfer and sharing on a single storage system

  • Basic features, plus:
  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • Data sharing with collaborators
  • Historical usage tracking
  • Priority support
subscription tier - standard


For collaborating and automating research tasks at scale

  • Starter features, plus:
  • No limit on storage systems
  • Data and compute automation
  • Upload/download via HTTPS
  • Metadata indexing and search
subscription tier - high assurance

High Assurance

For protected and sensitive data management

  • Standard features, plus:
  • Sessions with re-authentication
  • Encryption of all data in transit
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Session and device isolation
subscription tier - BAA


For managing data containing personal health information

  • High Assurance features, plus:
  • Additional contractual protections with a Business Associate Agreement

connect storage graphic2.png

Connector Subscriptions

Add connectors to your subscription to access cloud, archival, and other storage systems via Globus. If you want to access multiple systems of different types, consider adding our Open Access subscription that allows you to deploy all any and available Globus connectors.

Make Globus Your Own

Customize the look-and-feel of the Globus web application by adding a branded web site to your subscription.