Do you need a Globus Subscription?

Globus Subscription Benefits

Globus subscriptions are for organizations, not individuals. The purpose of a subscription is to deliver advanced data and compute management capabilities your organization’s users, and provide administrators with control over, and visibility into, Globus usage.

Take a look below to decide whether or not you need a subscription to use Globus.

Your institution may already subscribe

Click here to check if your institution already has a Globus subscription. Not all subscribers are listed, so you should also ask your HPC or research/scientific computing team if they subscribe. And sometimes searching for the name of your institution followed by “Globus” may point you to the right resources.

If someone shared data with you using Globus...

…you may not need a subscription to access it. If you’re a researcher at a non-profit institution, simply log into Globus and install Globus Connect Personal to download data to your personal machine. If you work in industry, you may still be able to access shared data at no cost—contact us to find out.

If you're a student, postdoc, or other non-profit researcher...

…you may use Globus to transfer data without a subscription. Simply log into Globus using your existing institutional account, a Google account, your ORCiD or even a GlobusID or follow the guide at the link below.

If you're a systems administrator...

…and want to evaluate Globus premium features, we’re happy to offer you a free 90-day trial subscription. Before requesting a trial please ensure you have a working Globus Connect Server installation, i.e., at least one mapped collection that can be successfully used for file transfer. Use this guide to get started and contact our support team if you run into issues.

Take Globus for a test run without a subscription

If you’re a researcher at a non-profit institution you can easily transfer files between one of the many Globus test collections—such as Globus Tutorial Endpoint 1 and Globus Tutorial Endpoint 2, or those hosted by the ESnet team—and your personal machine. No subscription needed—just install Globus Connect Personal and get started.