Support for Globus Connect Server version 4 ends on December 18, 2023

June 21, 2023   |  Brigitte Raumann

In order to accommodate institutions currently working through the migration process, the deadline for ending support for Globus Connect Server version 4 (GCSv4) has been extended to January 8, 2024, at 10am US Central.

Globus Connect Server version 5 represents a major evolutionary step in the Globus Connect Server architecture and the latest release has been in production since July, 2020. Support for Globus Connect Server version 4 will be discontinued on December 18, 2023, as maintaining and supporting two versions of the software requires significant resource investment. By focusing only on version 5 we can continue to deliver capabilities in a sustainable way, and leverage the many new features in version 5 to build new and innovative solutions.

After December 18th the Globus transfer service will no longer support Globus Connect Server version 4 endpoints, and data access and transfer will not be possible. As announced previously, support for Globus Connect Server version 4 will be limited to security patches starting July 31, 2023.

If you have not yet migrated your Globus Connect Server version 4 deployment to version 5, we urge you to migrate now. We provide tooling that automates the migration process and ensures continuity of access for all users. After migrating you will be able to take advantage of many new capabilities, including secure management of protected data, additional premium connectors which support multi-cloud environments using Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Box, as well as browser based access to data via HTTPS.

Because there are several functional differences between Globus Connect Server versions 4 and 5, applications that access Globus Connect Server version 4 will need to be updated to support version 5.

Our support team at is eager to answer your migration questions and provide additional guidance for your particular deployment configuration.