October 2011 User of the Month: Gary Bates

October 01, 2011   |  Paul Dave

For October's User of the Month, I’m happy to announce that we have selected Gary Bates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Who he is: Gary works in the Earth System Research Lab, Physical Science Division at NOAA.

Why we picked him: Over the last few months Gary has transferred some of the highest volume of data of any of our users -- over 46 TB! In fact with his work over the past 2 weeks, Gary now sits as the top 2 user ever in terms of data moved.

Also, Gary has made excellent use of our Globus Connect feature which lets users add their local machines or laptops as transfer endpoints (where files can be moved).  Nearly all of his transfers were made to/from this Globus Connect endpoint, and in the process he has achieved very high transfer rates -- over 500 Mbit/s. Achieving such a rate without using parallel streams or other typical GridFTP optimizations is extremely impressive!

Congratulations Gary, and thanks for your use of Globus Online and Globus Connect!