Globus JavaScript SDK Now Available

November 10, 2023   |  Joe Bottigliero

Today, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Globus JavaScript SDK.

The JavaScript SDK, or JS SDK, is the cornerstone of our expanding JavaScript-focused ecosystem, meeting the demands of a growing community of developers building portals, science gateways and other web applications that leverage the powerful Globus platform capabilities for secure data management, and automation.

Providing a convenient, idiomatic API, the JS SDK simplifies the integration of Globus services into your web applications and JavaScript runtimes (i.e., Node.js). For the initial release, we’ve focused on abstracting service requests using modern, standard APIs like Fetch and first-class TypeScript, supporting a wide set of our platform services, including Transfer, GCS Manager, and Groups. We plan to extend coverage to include additional service features and integrate other Globus services. By establishing the JS SDK as an essential dependency of the Globus Web Application we’re committed to continuous investment and maintenance in the package.

The JavaScript SDK provides a base abstraction for integrating with the Globus platform using JavaScript. We'll be building off of it to provide even more integration points in the future.

Building off the JavaScript SDK, we plan to deliver complete web-focused solutions for the most common uses of the Globus platform, such as portals for data distribution, while providing the libraries to compose your own solutions for supporting application-specific needs and reducing boilerplate code. These solutions will span from JavaScript to HTML/CSS, with documentation and examples supported by Globus. Our goal is to reduce the barrier to building web applications on the Globus platform, and allow you to focus on your unique problem space. To this end, the Javascript SDK is geared towards diverse teams with varying technical backgrounds.

Our initial release represents a significant step for our team in providing the same commitment to the JavaScript community that we have provided to our Python users over the years – follow our progress, provide feedback, and learn how to begin with the JavaScript SDK on GitHub.

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The Globus JavaScript SDK

Whether you are looking to augment an existing application or considering how you might support web-based access to your research data, the Globus JavaScript SDK offers developers a first-class integration into the Globus platform aimed at reducing boilerplate. During this talk, we will introduce the Globus JavaScript SDK and its core concepts and provide audience members with context for how we are leveraging the SDK in our web application and beyond.