DataCite Switches to Globus for Authentication

October 15, 2019   |  Mary Bass

(Originally published on DataCite blog October 14, 2019.)

DataCite started work on improving DataCite authentication two months ago, beginning with a major upgrade of the Profiles service. One visible change for users is the new sign in via Globus.

Globus’ overall mission aligns well with DataCite’s mission, and the authentication service, Globus Auth, provides the functionality needed by DataCite and DataCite users. The previous version of the Profiles service allowed login via ORCID, Google, and GitHub, but did not support the use of institutional identities. Globus allows users to login with their institutional account, supporting several hundred such federated identities via InCommon and eduGAIN federations and other custom identity providers. The integration allows DataCite to focus on providing persistent identifier services, while relying on Globus for authentication services.

DataCite will continue partnering with Globus to wrap up this work before the end of 2019.

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