"science gateway"


  • SGX3

    As an NSF-funded Center of Excellence, SGX3 supports researchers and teams running or operating a science gateway. SGX3 can support Globus users by sharing technical insight on science gateway platforms where data and research products can be stored or accessed. SGX3 offers a full range of services and expertise, including: building and running gateways, community resources and networking, and education and training.

User Stories

  • SIMULOCEAN Science Gateway

    Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, San Diego Supercomputing Center

    A research scientist at Texas A&M has been working to deploy a containerized coastal model on XSEDE resources, work that started at LSU. The goal is to develop and deploy enhancements into the SIMULOCEAN science gateway, integrating new Docker features of Bridges and Globus capabilities for authentication, file transfer and sharing. The PI also collaborated with SDSC.