"Data Portal"


  • Building Science Gateways with Django Globus Portal Framework

    April 19, 2022  |  SGCI Blog

    We often speak of Globus as a “platform for research data management”. What we mean by that is that Globus isn’t just the web browser interface, it’s about being able to use our service integrated into portals, science gateways and applications.

User Stories

  • Accelerating Research at UCSD with Globus


    Researchers are now able to reliably transfer and share large data sets, and even share protected data with ease. With the increase in Globus managed endpoints, researchers at UC San Diego can easily transfer and share data both internally and with researchers outside UC San Diego.

  • Building a portal for the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program

    University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh together with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are one of five funded components contributing to the infrastructure for the NIH-funded Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP), which relies heavily on Globus for software infrastructure to build a frictionless research platform.

  • Streamlining Reproducible Genomics Analysis with GenePattern and the Globus Platform

    UCSD School of Medicine

    Researchers needed an easy to use platform for reproducible bioinformatics research so the GenePattern Gateway for Genomic Analysis was developed. The Globus platform services are integrated into GenePattern, and enable easy access and rapid transfers of large data sets.