"Data Access"

User Stories

  • The University of Illinois' Nano-manufacturing Hub

    University of Illinois, NCSA

    The University of Illinois' Nano-manufacturing hub is working to implement a global, community-curated database of graphene growth recipes. They have created an application inside a HubZero instance which allows users to capture their recipes along with SEM images and spectrographic analysis of the sample, which is then submitted to MDF, the Materials Data Facility built on the Globus platform, where additional metadata is extracted and the dataset indexed with Globus Search.

  • Globus Facilitated Data Access, Transfer and Multi-institutional Sharing

    Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

    The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) is a Department of Energy, Office of Science, User Facility funded by the Biological and Environmental Research program. EMSL set up a data management pipeline together with the Northwest Cryo-EM Processing Center (PNCC) and with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) that enables researchers to build detailed 3D models and determine the atomic structures of biomolecules using cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM).

  • Kilts Center Relies on Globus Sharing for Nielsen Data Distribution

    University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

    Kilts Center turned to Globus to provide the secure data distribution platform they needed, as well as the portal for data access and sharing. Now it is easy for Kilts Center to share new Nielsen datasets with their many researchers with just a few clicks: researchers request to join the distribution and receive permissions to access a storage endpoint where the data lives; then they simply log in using their institutional credentials and access the data files.

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