Globus platform services enable developers to create applications that leverage the Globus identity, profile, file transfer, data sharing, search, and automation capabilities. The Globus platform also provides a number of web helper pages to accelerate application development.

Globus Auth

Globus Auth is a foundational identity and access management platform service designed to address unique needs of the science and engineering community. It serves to broker authentication and authorization interactions between end-users, identity providers, resource servers (services), and clients (including web, mobile, desktop, and command line applications, and other services).

Globus Transfer

Globus Transfer provides high performance, secure, third-party data movement and synchronization between endpoints, as well as in-place sharing of files directly on existing storage systems. Globus Transfer handles all the difficult aspects of data transfer, while automatically maximizing bandwidth usage, managing security configurations, and providing automatic fault recovery. The service also facilitates in-place sharing of data with fine-grained access control.

Globus Search

The Globus Search service enables storage of metadata with fine grained access control on creation, modification, and visibility, and metadata retrieval through search queries. Globus Search is a set of capabilities that can be incorporated into your data management applications, either in conjunction with, or independently of, other Globus features such as file transfer and data sharing.

Globus Flows

Globus Flows is a foundational service for defining and executing secure, reliable automated data flows at scale. A Globus flow can be as simple as replicating data across multiple storage systems or as intricate as managing multiple conditional data analysis and results distribution tasks, with optional human intervention where needed for review and confirmation.

Globus Groups

The Globus Groups service enables access permissions to be assigned to user-defined groups of identities. Administrators may manage group policies and user roles to implement arbitrarily complex access control. Developers can leverage Globus group invitation workflows to create groups, invite users to a group via their Globus identity or email, and make changes to groups that are instantly reflected and enforced by other Globus platform services, for example to allow or restrict access to a dataset.