If you use Globus, then participating in the public email discussion list is an excellent way to keep in touch with your peers in the Globus community. Join the discuss@globus.org mailing list to discuss general questions about using, administering, and developing with the Globus service.

Notes on Subscribing

The Globus email list is a Google Group. You can subscribe to the group with any email address.

Subscribing with a non Google ID/email

  1. first log out of all Google accounts
  2. go to the list subscription page
  3. enter your email address, Google will send a confirmation email
  4. click the link in the confirmation email

Subscribing with a Google ID/email

  1. go to the list subscription page
  2. if you are logged into a Google account, a “join” pop up will default to that account
  3. click Join this group

Legacy Mailing List Archives

Prior to October 6, 2020 there were three public email lists, one each for end-user, systems administrator, and developer related discussions. You can view the archives by clicking on the links below.