Globus Flows service

Globus Flows is a foundational service for defining and executing secure, reliable automated data flows at scale. Use cases abound where automation is required to cope with growing data volumes and velocities like those generated by cryo-electron microscopes, next generation sequencers, and advanced light sources. A Globus flow can be as simple as replicating data across multiple storage systems or as intricate as managing multiple conditional data analysis and results distribution tasks, with optional human intervention where needed for review and confirmation.

Globus flows define actions that are executed in a specified order using “action providers” to act on resources both on the Globus platform and externally managed services. We encourage users to extend the capabilities of Globus Flows by creating action providers to interface with their own applications. For example, if you have developed a service to perform some domain-specific analysis, you can add an action provider that allows users to access the service and incorporate it into broader automated flow. The Globus Flows service scales and performs reliably by leveraging Step Functions on Amazon Web Services.

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