Management Console

The Console provides a web interface for role-based comprehensive transfer activity monitoring and control at the collection, user and task level.


Note: The management console is a premium feature and requires a subscription.

  • View all real-time transfer activity in and out of subscriber endpoints through the console’s interactive dashboard
  • Search activity based on users, find tasks on collections, or zero in on transfers with faults
  • Pause, resume, or terminate tasks
  • Create pause rules (i.e. during maintenance window)

Usage Reports

depict-reports-001.png Gain insights into how researchers are leveraging Globus on subscriber collections. (This is useful for internal allocation, billing and other purposes.)

  • Gain access to monthly usage reports in the form of Excel spreadsheets with summary charts and data
  • See the volume of data that is transferred
  • Find out how many users are using the service per month
  • Observe the amount of data transferred per month by managed endpoint
  • Get a history of all transfer activity on subscriber’s managed endpoints (delivered as a CSV file) and create your own custom reports

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