"Cloud Storage"


  • Globus for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

    Researchers can access their data in Azure Blob Storage via the same easy-to-use Globus interface they already use to manage data on other systems. Microsoft users can simply authenticate with...

  • Globus for Microsoft OneDrive

    Globus for Microsoft OneDrive can be installed and configured in minutes. Include it as an add-on to existing deployments without any additional infrastructure requirements. Users can easily integrate data from...

  • Globus for Google Drive

    Globus for Google Drive provides an instant link from Google Drive to all your other storage locations. Simply log in and seamlessly move and share Google Drive data across any...

  • S3-compatible storage systems

    Using a storage system that’s compatible with Amazon S3? Now you may be able to connect that system to your existing Globus storage ecosystem using our S3 connector.

  • Globus for Spectra Logic

    Globus and Spectra BlackPearl combine to deliver affordable hybrid storage for research institutions. Users can easily connect and share their research, and archive their data on multiple storage domains.


  • AWS

    Globus for Amazon S3 connector

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Customers of all sizes and industries can store and protect any amount of data for virtually any use case

  • Google

    Globus for Google Cloud, Globus for Google Drive

    Google Cloud provides cloud-native storage and compute infrastructure with layered security, machine learning and analytics at web-scale. Integrated Big Data solutions can harness the power of the cloud to capture, process, store and analyze data within a single platform to allow you to draw valuable insights.

  • Wasabi

    Globus for Wasabi (AWS-S3 compatible connectors)

    Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses globally. Globus and Wasabi simplify research data management by enabling users to collaborate, save time and access more cloud storage.

  • Box

    Globus for Box Connector

    Faculty and staff can securely share content quickly and easily between research institutions, and manage access to content shared with students in the classroom. With Box, you have a single place for everyone to collaborate, share and learn.

  • Microsoft

    Globus for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Globus for Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft offers massively scalable and secure object storage for cloud-native workloads, archives, data lakes, high-performance computing, and machine learning. Azure Blob Storage helps you create data lakes for your analytics needs, and provides storage to build powerful cloud-native and mobile apps.

  • Spectra Logic

    Globus for Spectra Logic Connector

    Spectra Logic develops Attack Hardenedâ„¢ data management and storage solutions for a multi-cloud world. Spectra helps organizations manage, protect and preserve their data, whether data is located on-premises, in a cloud, across multiple clouds, or in all locations at once.

  • Cloudian

    Globus for Cloudian (AWS S3-compatible connector)

    Cloudian HyperStore provides an on-premises S3 compatible object storage platform, and with the AWS S3 API implementation, supports any application developed for the AWS S3 public cloud in a local, private infrastructure. HyperStore enables deployment of a scalable local object platform that is standards-based with unlimited potential capacity.

User Stories

  • Accelerating Research at UCSD with Globus


    Researchers are now able to reliably transfer and share large data sets, and even share protected data with ease. With the increase in Globus managed endpoints, researchers at UC San Diego can easily transfer and share data both internally and with researchers outside UC San Diego.