Links to top materials

Here are some of the resources our subscribers find most useful. Don't see the info you need? Send a note to your Globus contact or

  • Subscription Overview Video: 4-minute summary of all the features you get with a subscription. Useful for: All users at your organization—shows what Globus can be used for, in addition to file transfer.
  • Globus Connect Server Installation Guides: Documentation with step-by-step instructions for Guide for Globus Connect Server v4 and Guide for Globus Connect Server v5. Useful for: Syadmins who need to install and configure endpoints and collections for data access.
  • Login and Transfer Guide: Basic how-to for getting started with Globus transfer. Useful for: New users and those not familiar with Globus.
  • Globus Connect Personal Overview and Guide: Explains how to make your laptop or other personal system an endpoint. Useful for: Users who need to move files to/from their personal laptop/desktop computer, in addition to campus systems.
  • Endpoint Roles and Privileges Info: Explains the various roles that can be granted on any managed endpoint.
  • File Sharing Setup: Documentation with step-by-step directions for setting up shared endpoints. Useful for: Globus endpoint administrators.
  • File Sharing Guide: Documentation with step-by-step directions for sharing files with collaborators from Globus endpoints. Useful for: All Globus users.
  • Management Console and Usage Reports Endpoint: These are in the Globus web app, so you'll need to be logged in as a subscription manager for the links to work. Useful for: Globus subscription manager(s).
  • CLI Guide: Information on using the Globus Command Line Interface. Useful for: Users who wish to use Globus in their scripts and to automate repetitive data management tasks.
  • Globus Usage Examples Library: Examples of how researchers have used Globus in based on organization, project, field of research, or Globus capability.  Useful for: Getting ideas for how Globus might be used in various areas of your organization.