Need help?

The contact info below will get you started—email these aliases and the proper people at Globus will reply to introduce themselves.

Subscription management: (or feel free to contact your favorite Globus team member directly!)

  • Best place to start for any subscription related questions not related to product usage/support
  • Can answer questions about your subscriber contract, what features your subscription includes, etc.
  • Can point you to the right person for further questions

Technical support:

  • Use this address for all product questions from users or admins, e.g., transfer issues, setting up endpoints, using Globus for sharing, etc.
  • As a Globus subscriber, your request will be prioritized

Communications and outreach:

  • Contact the outreach team for help evangelizing Globus internally and ensuring your usage increases over time (see Communication Guide)
  • Use this address for questions about Globus presence at industry events (e.g. PEARC, SC), or if you want to set up a GlobusWorld Tour or other custom event
  • Contact this team if you need Globus materials of any kind (documents, stickers)