jira.globus.org No Longer Exists

It looks to us like you were trying to get to http://jira.globus.org/ , but that site no longer exists.

Depending on what you wanted to do, check out the options below.


File a New Bug Report or Feature Request for Globus Toolkit

Globus Toolkit bugs and enhancement requests are now handled as GitHub issues.

You can submit new ones here. All you need is a GitHub account.


Lookup an Older Globus Toolkit JIRA Issue

All of the JIRA issues which were filed against Globus Toolkit have been archived.

Links to these older issues will take you to the correct one, but you can also browse them all on the archive page.


File a Bug Report or Feature Request for a Different Globus Product

All other issues regarding Globus software and services should be handled by filing a support ticket.

You can either do this at https://support.globus.org/ or file a ticket by emailing support@globus.org.