May 18, 2020 | Bio-IT World

Bio-IT World recently convened an all-star panel to discuss infrastructure, standards, privacy issues and more, in the COVID-19 era. Here are some quotable quotes from our friends at ESnet and Bioteam:

“If your workflow was already 100% network-based, and all you’re doing is orchestrating data movement, data placement, data analysis between large-scale infrastructure systems, you can be home and socially distanced—right?—and continue your work. If your work requires you physically carrying around USB hard drives, suddenly you’re stopped.” - Eli Dart, ESnet.

“With Globus Connect, I can deliver to an [Amazon] S3 bucket. I can deliver to an on-prem storage system. I could drop it onto a data transfer node at one of my collaborators.” - Chris Dagdigian, BioTeam