Test Endpoints

ESnet endpoints: esnet#anl-diskpt1, esnet#bnl-diskpt1, esnet#lbl-diskpt1; test files in /data1 directory. These are read-only endpoints with datasets varying in size and number of files; they are useful for testing network performance.
Globus test endpoints: go#ep1, go#ep2; these have a 10MB quota and are used mostly to validate that a new Globus account is working.

Globus Connect Server Installation

ssh clusteradmin@<YOUR_EC2_MACHINE_ADDRESS>
sudo su
curl -LOs
dpkg -i globus-repository-5.2-stable-precise_0.0.3_all.deb
aptitude update
aptitude -y install globus-connect-server

Globus Connect Server Configuration

Edit the configuration file: vi /etc/globus-connect-server.conf
Enable the configuration: globus-connect-server-setup

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