Agenda and Presentations

This tutorial will be split roughly equally between presentation, demonstration, and hands-on exercises. Each exercise will build on prior material. We will also provide time for group discussion on more technical issues such as security and integration with existing campus IT infrastructure.

Globus Shortcuts

Test Endpoints

ESnet endpoints: esnet#anl-diskpt1, esnet#bnl-diskpt1, esnet#lbl-diskpt1; test files in /data1 directory. These are read-only endpoints with datasets varying in size and number of files; they are useful for testing file transfer at various scales.

Globus test endpoints: go#ep1, go#ep2; these have a 10MB quota and are used mostly to validate that a new Globus account is working.

Globus sharing endpoints: you may create shared endpoints on go#ep1, go#ep2 but note that these endpoints may not persist through service upgrades and data stored on these may be deleted without warning; please use only for test purposes.

Other Useful Links