Using a storage system that’s compatible with Amazon S3? Now you may be able to connect that system to your existing Globus storage ecosystem using our S3 connector, so you can manage and share files from that S3 compatible system with other Globus storage endpoints.

Current partners in our S3-compatible storage ecosystem are listed below – contact us if you would like to explore using these systems with your Globus subscription:

  • Cloudian HyperStore
  • DataCore Swarm 
  • Wasabi

If you are interested in using other storage systems with the Globus S3 connector (such as Dell ECS, IBM Cloud Object Storage (previously Cleversafe), Scality, VAST Data or others), contact us first so we can ensure Globus will be able to support you.

A Globus subscription including our Amazon S3 premium connector is required to use S3-compatible systems, To access or or request pricing for the AWS S3 connector, click here. For more information about Globus premium connectors, click here.

“We use Globus to share data with users of our facility, both from our centrally managed bioinformatics infrastructure or investigator’s own machines. We also use Amazon S3 endpoints to move data for archival storage; once in S3, lifecycle rules move the data to Amazon Glacier..”

Cornell University
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