Galen Arnold is a systems engineer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Galen writes:

"I'm getting around 80-90% of the best possible performance with Globus, which is reason enough to use it. But for me, the nice, consistent interface and the reliability of Globus are just as important, and the authorization management is great. I'm now using Globus for all my transfers, because once you've set up all the authorization mechanisms, it's easier to just use Globus than to dig through your credentials for site A and site B out of Keypass or another password manager. It's much easier than setting up sftp or similar.

I also telecommute quite often and find it easier to use Globus in that context as well. I just fire up the Globus Connect client, then move files back and forth between work and home as needed throughout the day. With Globus, I don't lose time babysitting any of that. The time before Globus now seems like the dark ages!"