Fast File Transfer Helps Researcher with Funding Renewal

Jeremy McCaslin is a renewable energy researcher at Cornell University. Jeremy writes:

"Funding for my research comes from the California Energy Commission (CEC) through a company in Lakewood, CO called Abengoa Solar that makes parabolic solar reflectors for Direct Steam Generation (DSG). This is a subset of the Concentrating Solar Power initiative. The project aims to understand the hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics of gas-liquid flows in horizontal pipes through computer simulations. My research advisor and I, along with researchers at Abengoa Solar, are extremely excited about this research. It is exciting to be a part of something that has the potential to change our energy industry by shifting from conventional coal-burning thermal stations to something renewable and sustainable. As inhabitants of the earth, the sun is our friend - and this project is an example of just how good a friend it can be.

In order to convince the CEC that this project is worthy of continued funding, it was our task to demonstrate the novelty of our research and show how valuable it can be to the industry of Direct Steam Generation. A couple days before meeting with the CEC to showcase our work, we were in a jam ...we had terabytes of data on Kraken (a supercomputing resource at the National Institute of Computational Sciences) and needed to visualize it so that we could create a movie for the CEC to watch. When I began to transfer data from Kraken to my local machine for visualization and processing, I realized it would take over a week to transfer the data at standard copy speeds. I was very discouraged, unsure of how I was going to obtain the necessary results for continued funding of such an important project. I looked around on the NICS website for faster ways to transfer data and lo and behold, I found out about Globus. I decided to give it a shot, not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could transfer terabytes of data between Kraken and Spur (a visualization system) in only hours, compared to the days if not weeks it would have taken! Thanks to Globus, I was able to generate this animation for the CEC (and NICS) and now we are on the verge of a renewed contract with the CEC and Abengoa Solar! Thank you Globus!"