December 6, 2011 | Raj Kettimuthu

For December's User of the Month, I’m happy to announce that we have selected James Vincent from University of Vermont!

Who he is: James is the director of the Bioinformatics Core at the Vermont Genetics Network at the University of Vermont. More information about his research and publications can be found here.

Why we picked him: James has transferred more than 5TBs of data in less than one month. He has transferred data between several TereGrid/XSEDE resources (including Blacklight, Golem, Lonestar, Ranch and Ranger) and also between his Vermont site and XSEDE resources. He has obtained stellar transfer rates -- as high as 1.3 Gbps! James used Globus Connect on both Linux and Mac to transfer between his site and XSEDE. The datasets he transferred range from many small files to few large files. For example, one data set consisted of more than 1 million files with a total size of 270 GB; the average file size in this case was only 270 KBs. Another data set consisted of few files with an average of ~50GB. James's use case is yet another example of how Globus Online caters to the varying needs of users, both in terms of the characteristics of the data sets as well as the location of the source and the destination - transferring between two remote sites or between a remote site and your local machine. Congratulations James!